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Elite Watersports  Tarpon Springs

The satellite kiteboarding shop to the original Elite Watersports, in St. Petersburg, FL. We are dedicated to all things kiteboarding and our passion for the sport shines through all facets of our company. We welcome you to Tarpon Springs Kiteboarding and to Elite Watersports, we hope you’ve found your new local kiteboarding headquarters!

Our Mission: We strive to provide exceptional service and genuine interactions with our clients. Our main focus is to offer the best in kiteboarding. As kiteboarding is our greatest passion, we excel at facilitating beginner lessons with professional instructors, rentals and gear purchase. We hold dear our passion for being out on the water and maintain this as our foundation for all business practices. All shop employees carry an extensive background in water sports and will providing honest and expert advice. “Become Part of the Elite” and gain the invaluable support and loyalty of a local shop for years to come.

We offer kiteboarding lessons, for both beginners and advanced riders in Tarpon Springs. Please call us today @ 727-318-0391 or email us @ Ride@elitewatersports.com


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When it comes to kiteboarding, we offer it all. The best in lessons, gear, and customer service. Select a button below and take a peek at what Tarpon Springs Kiteboarding is all about.


“Aaron and team are total pros. Made a lot of progress plus got two additional family members hooked on the sport. Best gear I have used.”

Trip Advisor Review

“I had a great experience with Elite Watersports and would recommend them to anyone. Having never flown a kite before I was timid, the guys at Elite made sure that safety and solid skills development were top priorities. These guys are really tuned in to the conditions and environment. In a short time I was in the water , flying a kite and had a board on . The staff at Elite created a great experience, were extremely efficient, well planned, and organized. It was a blast, go kite with them. I booked a 4 hour and was flying a kite in the water by the end of the first hour. ”

Trip Advisor Review

“Hands down amazing instruction!!! Elite has a family friendly feel to it- patient, down-to-earth, passionate, honest and professionally run. For what you get the prices couldn’t be beat when I shopped around. I took 2 lessons from Aaron with Elite Watersports and bought some gear in their shop. Aaron saw that I got the absolute most out of the lessons. Aaron is not only an amazing instructor but an awesome guy as well. You really should look no further if you’re looking for kiteboarding instruction at any level!”

Yelp Review

“I’ve taken kiteboarding lessons from Elite Watersports twice and they are excellent. They go at a pace within your comfort zone while still pushing you to improve. The equipment shop is well stocked with high-quality gear at reasonable prices. Definitely go to Elite for all of your equipment needs and instruction courses. Thanks again, Elite!”

Yelp Review

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The answer is YES!! Kiteboarding is very fun. When we assist new clients in booking kiteboarding lessons, we always ask them what they want out of their kiteboarding experience. Often times, we hear the same response…”I need to do something for myself; bring fun back into my life.”

Whatever your reason is for learning to kiteboard, we believe you will find what you’re searching for. Kiteboarding is so versatile; you can become part of a community, enjoy alone time with peaceful solo rides, experience new travel destinations, discover your new weekend hobby, or get into the best shape of your life. The possibilities are endless and designed to your own preferences! Why not take the first step and book a lesson today; you deserve to bring fun back into your life!

When booking your kiteboarding lesson online, you will be asked to pay in advance. if you’re speaking to an Elite Shop Associate, we will save your credit card information to your reservation to be charged at the completion of your lesson.

Kiteboarding is dependent on wind and wind is not always 100% predictable. Therefore, we have to sometimes be flexible and reschedule lessons if the wind conditions are not in our favor. When speaking with an Associate, we can crosscheck your availability with the wind forecasts and make sure we are booking you for the most ideal kiteboarding lesson. Because you’re not charged at the initial booking of the lesson, you have the option to pay using your credit card on file, with cash, or PayPal.

Kiteboarding lessons are held at Sunset Beach Park, Tarpon Springs, Florida.

If you are located closer to St. Petersburg, let us know. We offer lessons at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida as well.

Prior experience in other water sports, or board sports is not required, but it does help. Your main focus as a kiteboarding student is to master the handling of your kite, meaning the board riding part becomes second priority. When you already have a basic understanding of how to maneuver on a board, in the water, you’re a step ahead of the curve. However, having experience on a board is helpful but like we said, it’s not required. Don’t stress or discount your ability to learn how to kiteboard if you have never touched a board before. We like to consider those folks as nice clean slates; no bad habits to break 😉

Kiteboarding is for everyone! All ages, all skill levels.